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libby strength foundations

Strength Foundations

Awaken and challenge your muscles from the ground up. Strength Foundations will target all muscle groups for a comprehensive, well-rounded workout. For more info, visit:

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This total mind-body workout features functional strength training, flexibility, muscle balancing, and relaxation, and is taught in a flowing format. It is a modern, simple, systematic approach to yoga, and does not adhere to a particular philosophy, religion, or type of meditation. The only equipment used is a mat. For more info, visit:

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Total Body Strength

A low-impact strength class suitable for all levels! Our focus is on strength-building exercises targeting every muscle group to create lean muscle mass that will burn calories and increase your metabolism – a double whammy to attack body fat! The result will be a leaner, more sculpted, happier you! For more info, visit:

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functional training

Small Group Functional Training

Open to all levels, experience a small group training environment, with one-on-one attention to all visitors. You are always learning about proper alignment and form, as well as the benefits of exercise, in a small group setting. Please contact Libby directly to enroll in this group. Contact Us

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Endurance Strength & Power


Improve your ability to work longer, harder and faster. Mix it up with a variety of challenges that helps you break through plateaus. For more info, visit:

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UXF The Ultimate Fitness Experience

UXF incorporates mobility, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training in order to maximize all aspects of fitness. Libby is a highly qualified UXF Coach who will implement proper form and alignment and a multi- level workout structure, so your inner athlete can enjoy a completive culture while focusing on injury prevention and achieving your long term […]

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Tabata body is an exercise format that incorporates high intensity 20 second intervals with 10 second periods of rest, which has been proven to boost your metabolism and burn calories and fat more efficiently. The style of Tabata involves varying cardio and strength intensity levels and incorporates exercises that will engage every muscle group. My […]

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Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

This total-body workout targets muscles from head to toe, to build strength and endurance while improving flexibility. Light weights such as dumbbells or body bars are used to shape and tone while improving body alignment and posture. You will focus on:stability, regeneration and flexibility. For more info, visit:

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step exercises


Blast calories while strengthening your legs and glutes in this calorie-torching class.  Libby will inspire you to help you step up your workout using an adjustable step platform with motivating music. You will focus on:stability, regeneration and flexibility. For more info, visit:

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